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RIT team assignment, 113 Dolly Lane, Chalfont

Congratulations to our Recipients of Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Emergency Services Awards

The annual Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Emergency Services Awards ceremony was held on October 25, 2015, at the Spring Mill Country Club in Northampton Township. Formerly known as the Burpee Awards, the ceremony is held to honor members of Central Bucks County Fire and EMS organizations. This year the fire company’s honoree was the 2015 Firefighter of the Year, Tom Smith.

Also honored was James Babinetz, a fire company member who is also a volunteer with Warrington Ambulance. He was honored for his tireless service to the ambulance company.

Congrats to Tom, James and all of the recipients last night!



James Babinetz accepts congratulations from State Representative Marguerite Quinn.


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick congratulates James Babinetz.


Tom Smith is congratulated by State Representatives Marguerite Quinn and Kathy Watson.


Tom Smith is congratulated by Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

The postal truck fire video: Our side of the story

Recently, video has circulated of a small fire in a postal vehicle in Doylestown Township, where it appears that three police officers are extinguishing a fire. In reality, two of the three are Doylestown firefighters, who were on their way to work as public servants at a facility in the area. The third is indeed a Doylestown Township police officer who was there to lend a hand, who is also a well-trained volunteer firefighter. Serving the public is what they do. The fire was small and contained to the engine compartment. A second, better staffed engine company arrived as the fire was extinguished.

As an all-volunteer organization, we occasionally are called and have fewer members than we’d like respond, or are delayed in response to their stations. Our members are trained to extinguish fires and mitigate emergencies as quickly and safely as possible. That was the goal of the members in the video and is every day we serve. What we wear for our jobs may be different, but at our core, when called, we are firefighters. In this incident, no one was injured, the fire was extinguished, and our members went to work like any other day.

Weekdays are the toughest times for most volunteer fire companies. Members no longer work at businesses that can allow them to respond to calls or don’t work close enough to respond safely. We’re always looking for individuals to join and help us keep the Doylestown community safe.

Services for past president Drew McPherson


Drew McPherson with the late William Neis, Mayor of Doylestown Borough, and Denny Loux, Jr., Chief, at the January 2005, on being sworn in as president of the fire company.

Fire police captain and past president Drew McPherson will be laid to rest on Saturday, October 17, 2015. Services will be held at Reed and Steinbach Funeral Home starting at 9 A.M., with interment after at the Whitemarsh Memorial Park, Prospectville.

Drew was an active member of the fire company since joining in early 2002. He served as a trustee, president, and fire police captain. He was the president of the Bucks County Fire Police Association. He also served on the Doylestown Township Zoning Hearing Board. He is survived by his wife, Darla, his son Glenn, daughter Holly, and grandaughter Aubrey Devon-Elizabeth.

The members of the fire company will miss Drew and his smile. He always had a positive outlook and a good word. Thanks for your service Drew, we’ll take it from here.


We respond to all types of emergencies

FullSizeRender-3The volunteers of the fire company respond to many different types of calls in the course of a day, from alarm systems to major emergencies. In the past 24 hours, the fire company was dispatched to a small grass fire in Buckingham and a lawn mower fire at Delaware Valley University.

Small incidents that were kept from becoming larger and threatening life and property. All in a days work for the members of Doylestown Fire Company No. 1.

Thanks to Battalion 19 Jim Shepard for the photos.



The Fire Prevention open house is coming!


The 6th annual Doylestown Fire Company Fire Prevention Open House will be held on October 2, 2015 from 6:30-9 PM at the fire house at 68 Shewell Ave. in Doylestown Borough. In addition to fire prevention education, firetrucks tours and firefighters, there are a few new additions to the event.

Everyone attending is asked to bring new pet supplies for donation to Red Paw Emergency Relief Team, a regional volunteer organization that assists pets and their families affected by emergencies or disasters.

The judging and awards presentation of Discover Doylestown’s Doylestown Junior Builders LEGO Contest will be part of the evening. There’s a special category just for fire related LEGO creations!

Eric Darling, a retired California firefighter who is now a member of the Ridley Park (Delaware county, PA) Fire Dept. will be demonstrating the skills of his canine partners Ben and Wyatt. Ben and Wyatt are detection and search and rescue certified and work with Ben on the Pennsylvania PA-TF1 Urban Search and Rescue team. They recently assisted with the search for victims in the wake of the Philadelphia Amtrak derailment.

In addition, the Teddy Bear Clinic from Doylestown Hospital’s Emergency Department will be in attendance to take care of the needs of any stuffed friends. Kids are encouraged to bring their favorite stuffed buddies!

We’ll also have representatives from local non-profit organizations, an ambulance from Central Bucks EMS, and activities and demonstrations for all ages!





Community Detail: The Clydesdales in Doylestown Borough


The Budweiser Clydesdales visited Doylestown on September, 5, 2015, and the fire company was honored to be part of an amazing community gathering. The legendary hitch from New Hampshire, one of three in the US, traversed the borough making special deliveries, lead by Engine 19-3, our legendary Ahrens-Fox pumper. Members of the fire company also walked beside the team, providing security and safety for both the team and spectators. Thousands lined the streets to catch a glimpse, and photo, of the team of 8 Clydesdales, the drivers, and of course, Barley the Dalmatian.










Doylestown Graduates 4 From Fire Academy

On August 27, 2015, Four new members of the Doylestown Fire Company were awarded their Firefighter 1 certificate from the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center. Many hours of hard work and commitment were needed from these four new members and their hard work paid off. Congratulations to Steve Cote, Steve Lee, Mike Mach, and Sean Ryan for your commitment to the fire company. Also, Congratulations to Steve Lee as he was chosen as an outstanding student for his class.


Pictured left to right, Captain Will Fluck, Mike Mach, Steve Cote, Sean Ryan, Steve Lee, and Craig Lager

Extrication training night at Station 79


The hydraulic rescue tools are ready to go in staging.

The hydraulic rescue tools are ready to go in staging.

Members of the fire company spent drill night working with the hydraulic rescue tools on two donated vehicles. Former chief Doug Tilley instructed the members on the use of hydraulic tools for extricating trapped victims of vehicle crashes. This training is invaluable as it keeps the firefighters ready to perform in an actual emergency.

The drill is discussed by instructor and past chief Doug Tilley.

The drill is discussed by instructor and past chief Doug Tilley.

Lt. 19 Grant Castor works with a team on a roof cut.

Lt. 19 Grant Castor works with a team on a roof cut.

Doug Tilley does a manual fold of the roof.

Doug Tilley does a manual fold of the roof.

Discussing the next procedure.

Discussing the next procedure.


Zach Williams works to open a rear door.

Zach Williams works to open a rear door.

Doug tilley uses a Halligan bar to create a spot for the hydraulic tool.

Doug Tilley uses a Halligan bar to create a spot for the hydraulic tool.

Jeff Anlauf cuts a door hinge.

Jeff Anlauf cuts a door hinge.

Craig Lager works with the cutters.

Craig Lager works with the cutters.

Doug Tilley shows a more manual way to cut a hole.

Doug Tilley shows a more manual way to cut a hole.

Craig Lager tells Doug Tilley not to worry.

Craig Lager tells Doug Tilley not to worry.

Grant Castor pries a small opening in a door.

Grant Castor pries a small opening in a door.

Joey Grace uses the glass saw on the winshield.

Joey Grace uses the glass saw on the winshield.

Battalion 19 Jim Shepard with the large spreaders.

Battalion 19 Jim Shepard with the large spreaders.

Crash requires extrication and medevac

The fire company was dispatched for Rescue Box 79-29 for a single vehicle crash with entrapment at Edison Furlong and Pebble Hill Roads at 9:45 PM on July 20, 2015. En route to the scene, Bucks County Fire Radio updated the location of the crash to be on Sugarbottom Road near Foy Drive. On arrival Deputy 19 Mike Wood reported a car in the woods with the driver, the sole occupant, trapped. Engine 79 and Rescue 19 arrived and went into service with hydraulic rescue tools and stabilization, as the vehicle was off the road and on the side of a hill. Central Bucks Ambulance was on scene with patient care as the extrication operation began. Warwick Fire Company assisted with the landing zone for the medevac helicopter at Bridge Valley Elementary.


Firefighters prepare for the extrication.


Bill Price and Lt. 19 Grant Castor set up a chain to secure the car as the extrication begins.


Captian 19 Will Fluck and the Rescue 19 crew start the extrication.


Firefighter Craig Lager outs the hydraulic cutters in service.


Deputy 125 Scott Henley grabs supplies for the patient.


Firefighters and medics work together to remove the driver from the car to a backboard.


Teamwork is key in an extrication, as cooperation between EMS and fire gets the job done and the patient cared for.