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For sale- 1 fire engine

Update- March 2019- We have sold the 1992 Pierce.  Only the 2000 Quantum is left.

As we await the arrival of our two new engines, slated for delivery in mid-2019, we are posting 2 of our engines for sale. Please see the details above, and questions to the email address at the bottom. The ad is downloadable here- Doylestown Fire Company for Sale

A historic purchase

Last night, September 26, 2018, the fire company took a historic step. A contract was signed with Pierce Manufacturing through Glick Fire Equipment for the purchase of 2 Enforcer pumpers. It’s the first time the fire company has purchased more than one, and for sound financial and operational reasons. The truck committee, chaired by Past Chief Denny Loux, did their research. They were able to negotiate pricing that immediately saves the community almost $100k, but also, with the spectre of another engine needing replacement in the next year, even more by striking now for the identical twins. From an operational standpoint, having the two will speed training and familiarization, and allow drivers to immediately be able to drive 2 trucks once qualified.
Through the revenue streams our communities and municipalities have maintained and good investment and savings of those funds, we are prepared for this purchase to keep the Doylestown and surrounding areas safe for the forseeable future.
We plan on selling 2 of the present engines to make room for the new ones. Our present fleet includes Engine 79, a 2000 Pierce, Engine 19, a 1998 Pierce, and Engine 19-1, a 1992 Pierce.
Thanks to all of the members of the committee for their hard work, and most importantly, to the communities that support us year after year.
We expect delivery in mid-2019.

Rescue 19 Arrives at Point Pleasant

Rescue 19 left the fire house on Shewell Ave on January 7, 2014 for the last time in its illustrious career with the Doylestown Fire Company No. 1. Here are a couple more photos from the day the “Big Pig” left town and sitting in its new quarters in Point Pleasant.

Photos by Ed Loux


Rescue 19 at Station 19

Rescue 19 at Station 19

Rescue 19 pulls out of the bay.

Rescue 19 pulls out of the bay.

Backed in among the fleet at Point Pleasant

Backed in among the fleet at Point Pleasant

Rescue 19 Dispatched for the Last Time

Rescue 19, our 1987 Saulsbury, left the station on Shewell Ave tonight for the last time in its distinctive career. Many times, this truck was called upon to serve the residents of the Doylestown Area. The truck isnt going far, it will be put back in service as Dive/Rescue 41 in support of the Point Pleasant Fire Company located just to our north along the Delaware River. Good luck to the new owners and take care of our “Big Pig.”

rescue 19

Photo by Ed Loux

Fire Company “Videobombs” CBS 3!

Did you see Engine 79  on the CBS 3 news during the post snow storm cleanup? Chief Truman, along with firefighters Mills and Downs took the opportunity to say hello. Check them out in the video below!



Welcome to the new Rescue 19!


The new Rescue 19 arrived in quarters on November 15, 2013. It was welcomed by members and family members alike. A ceremonial push in the station capped the arrival. On Saturday morning the work began preparing the truck for service. Over the next weeks, the equipment will be mounted, drivers trained and firefighters will learn all of the new capabilities of new apparatus.

Thanks to Clorece Kulp for photos of the arrival.


newrescue191 newrescue1913 newrescue1912 newrescue1910 newrescue199 newrescue198 newrescue197 newrescue196 newrescue195 newrescue194 newrescue193

New Rescue 19 takes shape

Drivers side of the body

Drivers side of the body

Here are some photos from the Pierce factory in Wisconsin of the  new rescue taking shape. It is tentatively scheduled for delivery in mid-to late October.rescue190813


Cab from front

Cab from front

Rear of compartment body

Rear of compartment body

Officer side of cab

Officer side of cab