Interested in Helping Your Community?

We will be hosting an informal open house on Thursday, May 29, 2014 at 8pm. We are asking for just an hour of your time to discuss volunteer opportunities with the fire company. If you can not attend and want some additional information, please email us HERE.

The meeting will be held at our Shewell Ave Firehouse. There is plenty of parking on the side of the firehouse or across the street in the bank parking lot. If you cant find a spot, we will have someone there to help you out.

Although we are volunteer, there are some unique benefits we receive just by being members of the Fire Company.

– Life Insurance
you– Change of Pace
– Work/Meeting Space
– Free Wifi
– Networking
– Health Club Membership
– Something New
– Discounts at Local Establishments
– Free Parking at the Firehouse for in town events
– Complete Health Physical every two years.
– Friends
– Sense of Accomplishment
– Fun
– Cable TV
– Yearly Banquet
– Free Training 
– Behind the Scenes Look at Life in Doylestown

Training to stay prepared

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Members of the fire company meet weekly to train. We train for many different tasks, but our core is structural firefighting. On April 16, the fire company traveled to Fort Washington Fire Company’s training center in Upper Dublin to train with live fire in the facility there. The fire company trains in different facilities to get varied scenarios for members to experience, as not all structures are the same, nor is the fire behavior. We want to thank Fort Washington Fire Company for facilitating the training, and Ottsville Fire Company for bringing Utility 94 to the training and covering Station 19 for the duration of the training.


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Members Take Advantage of Gym Memberships

The Members of the Doylestown Fire Company were out in the elements during the winter storm of January 2nd and 3rd, 2014. Despite the weather, the volunteers were still able to get in their workout. Many thanks to the Total Fitness Zone for staying open long enough to allow the members coming out to get in a good workout before bunking in for the duration of the storm. The fire company relief association maintains gym memberships for each member to utilize at no cost to help the crews stay healthy.

engine snow 1 engine snow 2

Photo Credit: Dan Alexander



Practicing cutting holes at jr./probie drill


L to R- Matt Grogan, Victor Sarantschin, Nate Coia, Jeff Anlauf, Chris Hagstrom, Molly Bailey-Goag, Jacob Goerner, and Lt. Jeff Kennedy.

Doylestown Fire Company held it’s monthly probie/junior drill night on Monday, Feb. 20, at Station 79. Lt. Jeff Kennedy and Chief Engineer 79 Matt Grogan lead the group in the use of power saws on wood and metal. The sparks flew when the metal saw was placed in service.

Lt. 79 Jeff Kennedy makes sparks with the metal saw.