Fire Company participates in Memorial Day parade

The fire company was honored to participate in the annual Doylestown Memorial Day parade- the longest running and oldest parade in the United States. Over 20,000 people lined the streets of Doylestown. We were humbled by the kind words and messages of support by the crowd as we marched on a beautiful May day.

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Doylestown, Point Pleasant Fire Companies receive donations from Newtown Reliance


After hearing of the successful rescue of a horse from the Pine Run in Doylestown Township on April 15, 2013, the members of the Newtown Reliance Company wanted to recognize the efforts of Doylestown and Point Pleasant Fire Companies. The Newtown Reliance Company for the Detecting and Apprehending of Horse Thieves and Other Villains was founded in 1819, and has continued as a social organization that supports equine causes. Will Fabian, a director and volunteer firefighter for the Newtown Fire Association, said that the organization had a business meeting a few days after the rescue and decided to recognize both fire companies with a donation of $250 each. Doylestown deputy Chief Mike Wood (center, with hat) and Point Pleasant Battalion Chief Darren Carroll (2nd from left) accepted the checks on behalf of their companies from Fabian, left, Newtown Reliance President Raymond “Skip” Goodnoe (2nd from right) and Reliance treasurer Paul Gouza, far right.

More info on the Newtown Reliance-

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