Hands on training- thanks to Keenan Motors

Steve Lee practices with a chain saw on a soon-to-be-demolished structure.



At the old Doylestown Lumber on Weds., April 22., members of the fire company gathered for a hands-on training session.  We were able to use the facility thanks to the generosity of Keenan Motors, who are developing the site for a new Mercedes-Benz dealership.

There were two parts of the training- a challenge course and power saw operation.

A series of obstacles was set up in a large room in one of the buildings for fire fighters to simulate crawling in a building on a search and rescue mission. Next, some of the old wood barn structures were cut up as training with gas-powered saws.
We often ask for permission to use structures that are going to be demolished so our firefighters can get hands-on, real-world training with tools and personal safety gear. Thanks to everyone who has allowed us to hold these valuable trainings that help keep the residents and our firefighters safe!

Pre-training briefing.
Battalion 19 Jim Shepard helps Don Talenti with the now blinded SCBA mask.
BC 19 leads the first group up the ramp to the challenge course.
Rich Priolo and Don Talenti navigate the course.
Don Talenti exits the tube.
Deputy 19 Mike Wood prepares the second group for the course.
Dan Hinkle works with Rich Priolo on power saw operation.
Steve Lee removes part of a wall.
Sam Tilley works to remove some wall parts.
Dan Hinkle watches Sam Tilley use the power saw.
Dan Hinkle reviews the nights training.