Crash requires extrication and medevac

The fire company was dispatched for Rescue Box 79-29 for a single vehicle crash with entrapment at Edison Furlong and Pebble Hill Roads at 9:45 PM on July 20, 2015. En route to the scene, Bucks County Fire Radio updated the location of the crash to be on Sugarbottom Road near Foy Drive. On arrival Deputy 19 Mike Wood reported a car in the woods with the driver, the sole occupant, trapped. Engine 79 and Rescue 19 arrived and went into service with hydraulic rescue tools and stabilization, as the vehicle was off the road and on the side of a hill. Central Bucks Ambulance was on scene with patient care as the extrication operation began. Warwick Fire Company assisted with the landing zone for the medevac helicopter at Bridge Valley Elementary.

Firefighters prepare for the extrication.
Bill Price and Lt. 19 Grant Castor set up a chain to secure the car as the extrication begins.
Captian 19 Will Fluck and the Rescue 19 crew start the extrication.
Firefighter Craig Lager outs the hydraulic cutters in service.
Deputy 125 Scott Henley grabs supplies for the patient.
Firefighters and medics work together to remove the driver from the car to a backboard.
Teamwork is key in an extrication, as cooperation between EMS and fire gets the job done and the patient cared for.