Warrington Dwelling fire


The fire company was dispatched to assist Warrington Fire Company for a dwelling fire at 1031 Hickory Ridge Drive at 7:15 PM on December 21, 2015. Chief 19, Sam Cramer, Jr.,  was first on scene and reported to Battalion 78, Tim Campbell as he arrived that there was a heavy smoke condition on the second floor of the dwelling. All hands went to work. Engines 19 and 19-1 were placed in service. The fire was contained to an area under a bedroom floor and the attic area above the garage. There were no injures.

Steve Cote (R), helps raise a ground ladder.
Don Talenti and Rich Priolo take a 24′ ladder to side B.
Smoke pushes from the second floor as it’s ventilated.
Chief Cramer gives a report to command.
Chief Cramer gives a report to command.
Lt. 19 Grant Castor and Chief 19 Sam Cramer, Jr. lead the fire attack in the garage.