Heat and humidity are part of the training


As part of our lifetime of skills training, we are constantly looking for new opportunites. When a building about the be demolished is available, we take the time to train on both new and old methods for better and safer firefighting. And though the heat and humidity were still rather oppressive on the evening of August 10, 2016, our members gathered to work on ventilation skills at the recently vacated Wine and Spirits shop on Veterans Lane in Doylestown Borough. Using power saws and old fashioned axes, they cut holes in the roof as we do on fires to ventilate, letting heat and smoke escape from the building.

Members will be back at over the weekend of August 13, continuing to train on this valuable short term resource.



Ladders are a key not only to get up to the roof, but escape if conditions change.
Lt. 19 Grant Castor (l) and Firefighter Julio Rodriguez wind down after the drill on the roof.