A ride for his lifetime

Bill Grun’s smile was as big as Ladder 79 on April 24, 2017, his 97th Birthday.

The email came about 2 weeks ago from Wesley Enhanced Living, asking for the fire┬ácompany to come over and participate in resident Bill Grun’s 97th birthday party. “He’s wanted to be a firefighter all his life” it read.

It’s been quite a life.

Grun, an amazingly spry 97 year-old, is as sharp as men decades younger. He still teaches Sunday school and drives a manual shift Model T Ford. He’s a former teacher and a gifted story teller, regaling the assembled partiers on his and his father’s early days. And after his ride on Ladder 79, he jogged across the parking lot. Yes, jogged. There were inquiries into his being permitted to climb the main ladder. We had to deny that wish, but do not doubt he could.

Happy Birthday Bill, and many more. You’re one of us now.

Bill waves as he heads out on a check ride in Ladder 79 with firefighter Peter Mills at the wheel.
With a spring in his step usually reserved for an excited kid, Bill exits the ladder with help from Dan Kline.


HIs ride over, Bill and Dan discuss the ladder and it’s capabilities.


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Keeping skills sharp

Members of the fire company gathered for drill at Station 79 on Weds., March 12 for training on vehicle extrication skills. Through the generosity of Security and Data Technologies donating old vehicles, firefighters are able to use real techniques used in rescues.


Working on cutting vehicle parts with a range of tools both manual and power keeps skills sharp and helps with decision making on the scene.
Captain 79 Craig Lager works with firefighter Evan Birmingham on the procedure for cutting a windshield.


Both hydraulic power tools and hand tools were used in the drill.


Lt. 19 Don Talenti discusses strategies of extrication.
Debriefing at the end of the drill.

Barn fire in Dublin

Engines 19, 19-1, 79 and Field 79 were dispatched to assist Dublin Fire Company at a barn fire on Smith School Road. The stone barn was fully involved on arrival. Members assisted with water supply, extinguishment and logistics. There were no injuries.