Pancake Day 2016 – Thanks for a great turnout!

Thanks to all that came out and shared in our favorite community event- Pancake Day! We served over 1400 meals, responded to a call, and had a great time doing it. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

In addition to great food, friends and families got together and enjoyed a nice day.
Rich Priolo serves some delicious sausages.
Pancakes cooking and ready to go.
Behind the scenes, where the batter is made.
At times the line stretched out the door and up Shewell Ave.
Lots of take out breakfasts were prepared by the crew in the canteen.
State representative Marguerite Quinn is a regular guest-flipper.
Tom Smith flips, as Charlie Penglase gets more batter.
Jack Connard, our most experienced Pancake Day veteran, at his normal spot serving smiles and sausages.
Jay Stough and Steve Cote served up pancakes and smiles, even at 6:30 AM.
Thanks to our fellow firefighters from Chalfont for coming and covering for a bit while we cooked.
Thanks to Midway for the stand-by during the call. And consuming pancakes while they did.

Pancake Breakfast 2016

_DSC1496As always tickets are available at the door on the day of the big event, which starts at 6:30 AM till Noon on Saturday March 19th at the Shewell Avenue firehouse.

Tickets are $5 during pre-sales, $6 at the door, children 6 to 12 are $4 and children under 6 free.

C’mon out to enjoy a great breakfast and meet the volunteers who serve the community!


Pancake Pre-sales postponed!

The weather may have won tonight, but don’t worry- we’ll be out Thursday, Feb. 25th selling tickets! Check our facebook page and twitter @dfc1979news for updates and locations!

Enjoying pancakes, sausage and friends at the annual Pancake Breakfast at Doylestown Fire Company's Shewell Ave. firehouse.
Enjoying pancakes, sausage and friends at the annual Pancake Breakfast at Doylestown Fire Company’s Shewell Ave. firehouse.

Preparing for the Snowpocalypseageddon of 2016- round one

Seconds Count

By now everyone knows winter is coming. Or here. And winter storm Jonas (not the singing brothers) is near, bringing blizzard watches and packed supermarkets.

We want everyone to be safe, first and foremost. Make sure you have supplies, flashlights, blankets and batteries ready. If you use a generator when the power is out, PLEASE make sure it runs away from the home, and is not inside the structure. Make sure fireplace flues are clear and clean. Listen to official emergency information, and heed the warnings. If the storm does materialize as predicted, please stay inside and only drive if absolutely necessary.

hydranthelpersIf you’re the hearty type, in good shape and out shoveling, we ask one favor- take care of your local hydrants. The more visible and accessible, the faster we can get to the water in an emergency. If we can’t see it, or if we have to shovel around it to access it, that’s precious seconds lost allowing a fire to grow.

Help a hydrant, help your neighborhood!hydranthelpersflyer

Ho Ho Ho! The big man arrives on time!

Sgt. Kreuter leads the parade into town.
Kevin Morris and some lucky family members have a great view as the Fox approaches with the big man!
With his special escorts, the man of the hour arrives!
Thousands are greeted by Santa at the corner of State and Main for the 101st time!