A few notes on fire safety

Firefighter Grant Castor clears a window for ventilation and firefighter safety.

The volunteer members of the fire company responded to a few “almosts” last week. “Almosts”, as in an incident that was almost much worse. With that in mind, and the knowledge that thankfully no one was seriously injured, we offer the following-

1- When cooking, don’t leave anything over heat unattended. We’ve had a string of kitchen incidents where unattended contents caught fire.

2- If a pot suddenly flashes and fire erupts, cover it with a fireproof lid. Don’t try to extinguish it if you can smother it.

3- Don’t attempt to move the pot.

4- Get everyone out and call 911.

5- Don’t attempt to fight the fire yourself. We are trained, equipped and ready. Our main concern is your safety.

6- Smoke detectors on every floor and every bedroom. They save lives.

We have many more of these. Got a question- please ask! If we can’t answer, we’ll get you to someone who can.

Because we care, about you.

Firefighters Peter Mills and Steve Downs clear the fire scene.
Members repack hose for the next call.
Firefighter Nick Tartaglia checks for fire extension.

Warrington Dwelling fire


The fire company was dispatched to assist Warrington Fire Company for a dwelling fire at 1031 Hickory Ridge Drive at 7:15 PM on December 21, 2015. Chief 19, Sam Cramer, Jr.,  was first on scene and reported to Battalion 78, Tim Campbell as he arrived that there was a heavy smoke condition on the second floor of the dwelling. All hands went to work. Engines 19 and 19-1 were placed in service. The fire was contained to an area under a bedroom floor and the attic area above the garage. There were no injures.

Steve Cote (R), helps raise a ground ladder.
Don Talenti and Rich Priolo take a 24′ ladder to side B.
Smoke pushes from the second floor as it’s ventilated.
Chief Cramer gives a report to command.
Chief Cramer gives a report to command.
Lt. 19 Grant Castor and Chief 19 Sam Cramer, Jr. lead the fire attack in the garage.